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Table 6 Multivariable Logistic Regression Models of the relationship between HIV status and the three focal independent variables

From: Relationship power and HIV sero-status: an analysis of their relationship among low-income urban Zimbabwean postpartum women

Model 1: Relationship between HIV and Control in Intimate Relationships n = 1871, p < 0.001
Relationship Control Score in Intimate Relationships
 Score 1.11 (1.01–1.22) 0.03
Model 2: Relationship between HIV and Partner Ever Refused any Family Planning Method* n = 1901, p < 0.001
Current/ most recent partner ever refused a family planning method
 No 1 ref  
 Yes 1.88 (1.20–2.90) 0.01
Model 3: Relationship between HIV and Most Recent Pregnancy Decision n = 1905, p < 0.001
Decision about most recent pregnancy
 Unplanned 1 ref  
 Woman alone 0.54 (0.29–1.00) 0.05
 Both Women and Partner 1.20 (0.88–1.76) 0.20
 Partner alone 0.92 (0.67–1.28) 0.64
  1. AOR = Adjusted Odds Ratio
  2. Models were adjusted for age; marital status; education level; age difference between woman and partner; transactional sex; *ever condom use with current/most recent partner; and alcohol consumption during current pregnancy
  3. *Ever condom use was not adjusted for in Model 2 as it addresses contraception