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Table 3 Recommendations towards aligning the global health leadership of the BRICS, G7 and G20 with Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

From: Soft power and global health: the sustainable development goals (SDGs) era health agendas of the G7, G20 and BRICS

1. Attend to the neglected SDG 3 health targets
Explicit commitments in the areas of substance use, road traffic accidents and sexual health are needed to address their associated burdens of ill-health and to promote leadership in these areas.
2. Place greater emphasis on upstream determinants of health
Greater attention to the social, commercial and environmental determinants of health as well as the prevention of disease will enhance progress towards shared goals of sustainable economic development.
3. Ensure commitment to equity and leaving no-one behind
Consider the vulnerable groups and populations who are least likely to benefit from current forms of economic and development activities, and push for novel approaches which leave no-one behind.
4. Adopt explicit commitments to rights
Place human rights, including the right to health, at the centre of commitments as well as place greater emphasis on the right to participation.
5. Make higher quality commitments which include accountability mechanisms.
Make time-bound, quantitative and financial commitments to health and development goals in line with the SDGs, and create accountability mechanisms between member countries within each political club to promote shared responsibility.