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Table 1 Details of the instrument to be applied among the students at the evaluation time points

From: Effectiveness evaluation of the school-based drug prevention program #Tamojunto2.0: protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial

Variable Main Use * Source Scale
Drug use in lifetime (first use, incidence and prevalence), past year and past month (prevalence) Primary outcomes (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalant, cocaine, crack and amphetamine use and binge drinking) CEBRID [28] 22 dichotomous questions
Socioeconomic class Confounder ABEP [35] A scale with 15 items
Demographic data Confounders CEBRID [28] 2 questions (age and sex)
Decision-making Mediator EUDAP [26] A scale with 9 dichotomous items
Positive and negative beliefs Mediator Two scales with 11 dichotomous items each (one for alcohol and one for marijuana)
Normative beliefs Mediator Two scales: a Likert scale with 4 items and a dichotomous scale with 11 items
Knowledge about drugs Mediator A scale with six items
Refusal skill Mediator A scale with three items
School violence Secondary outcome Olweus Bully Victim Questionnaire [30] Two scales: a scale to measure violence perpetrated with eight dichotomous items each and a scale to measure violence suffered with seven dichotomous items each
Psychiatric symptoms Secondary outcome Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire [31] A scale with 25 dichotomous items
Eating disorders Secondary outcome SCOFF [33] A scale with 5 dichotomous items