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Table 1 Overview of capacity-building strategies in FLASH and how these are facilitated

From: Background and evaluation design of a community-based health-promoting school intervention: Fit Lifestyle at School and at Home (FLASH)

  Capacity-building strategies Facilitated in FLASH by
1 Identifying and appointing influencers or leaders - appointing a healthy-school coordinator who knows the community and allocating time to this coordinator for creating a network of motivated initiators
- providing coaching and guidance to the coordinator through experts from local organisations
2 Creating a school culture of participation - the healthy-school coordinator as a starting point
- coaching focusing on small steps and experiences of success
- providing schools with methods suitable for participation
3 Designing and implementing tailored activities - conducting a needs assessment with Photovoice, along with interviews that can serve as input for designing activities
- having coordinators organize design-thinking sessions with representatives of all stakeholders
- providing an implementation budget as a start-up resource
4 Creating a network of local support - giving experts from local organisations in different areas of expertise an active role in supporting school communities
- coaching from experts aims towards building potential collaborations within the local network throughout the intervention, based on the needs of the community