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Table 6 Registration survey: The registration survey was given in Hebrew

From: Feasibility of a text-messaging smoking cessation program for soldiers in Israel

Category Questions
Personal information Name, religion, nickname (for program), birthday, e-mail, phone number, city
Smoking questions Do you smoke at least once a day? How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? How many cigarettes have you smoked in the past week? How many times have you attempted to quit? Do you think you have the ability to quit? Have you used any of the following methods to attempt quitting? Do you live with a smoker? How long after waking up do you smoke your first cigarette? Is it difficult for you to abstain from smoking in places where smoking is banned? Which cigarette will you find the hardest to give up? During which hours of the day do you most frequently smoke? Do you smoke when sick in bed? Why do want to quit smoking?
Phone usage questions Do you own a smartphone? Do you take your phone with you when you leave the house? Do you pay for each text message? How many text messages do you send per week? How many text messages do you receive per week? Have you previously registered to any text messaging services? What model phone do you own?
Socio-demographic questions How did you hear about the program? What is your sex? Are you pregnant or planning to be pregnant in the next 6 months? Are you in military duty? Do you serve in an “open” or “closed” base? What is your relationship status? What is your birth country? What level are your reading and writing abilities in Hebrew?