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Table 4 This table provides examples of some of the messages used during the program. Times stated in the negative represent the number of days before the chosen quit date, while positive numbers are the days starting from the quit date. If the participant chose fewer than 14 days, they received messages beginning on the appropriate day. For example, they began receiving messages for 1 week before cessation if they chose 7 days until quitting. All participants received the same “welcome messages” regardless of the number of days they chose

From: Feasibility of a text-messaging smoking cessation program for soldiers in Israel

Timing Message
− 13 Prescription medication is taken at least 8 days before quitting. Contact your unit’s physician today. The treatment must be purchased in a civilian pharmacy.
− 11 After quitting, the spots on your teeth and fingers will disappear, sexual performance will improve and you will generally feel much better.
−5 Tell family and friends in your unit that you are quitting and that their support is important to you. Make sure everybody knows. How about a Facebook status?
−1 Plan a goodbye ceremony from your final cigarette today. What will you do with it? How would you like to say goodbye? Suggestions in another message soon.
0 Congrats! You have reached the BIG day! We are right here with you, we know how much you want to quit and believe you will succeed.
3 Well done, you have passed 3 days without smoking! Your breathing is improving and it will continue to improve with each day that passes.
6 The days following quitting may be stressful. Try coping with physical activities, showering or relaxation techniques. You can also text: NERVOUS
9 Are your nerves getting to you? Don’t forget – we’re here at all hours. You can also text: NERVOUS
18 Every day that passes distances you from the bad habit of smoking. This is a great time to strengthen good habits such as exercise.
38 Try and think of things that you wanted in the past but decided they were too expensive. Maybe now that you aren’t smoking you can afford to get them.
58 Even if a friend tells you that he can smoke occasionally and not be addicted, don’t be tempted. Every time you smoke you’re at risk of going back to smoke.