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Table 3 Survey responses on participant use of the program and their satisfaction (N = 63)

From: Feasibility of a text-messaging smoking cessation program for soldiers in Israel

Question from survey N (%)
Did you read most or all texts? 50 (79.4)
Did you encounter any problems during use of the program? 5 (7.9)
Did you make a real attempt to quit? 56 (88.9)
Did you change your quit date? 14 (22.2)
Did you leave the program? 12 (19.0)
Have you used the keywords? 38 (60.3)
Did you use the website? 9 (14.3)
Has program helped compared to previous quit attempts? (among 49 participants with previous attempts) 29 (59.2)
Was the program easy to use? 61 (96.8)
Did we send the right amount of messages a day? 42 (66.7)
Did the messages give you good ideas to help you quit? 44 (69.8)
Did the messages help you quit? 42 (66.7)
Did you feel that somebody cared if you quit? 45 (71.4)
Would you recommend the program to a friend? 53 (84.1)
  1. Note: Outcomes in this table are the percentage that answered yes to the question