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Table 2 Variables used in the analysis and answers deemed correct under knowledge

From: Factors influencing awareness of healthcare providers on maternal sepsis: a mixed-methods approach

Knowledge Perception of enabling environment Perception of severity of disease
Q10: Have you ever heard of the term “maternal sepsis”?
Answer: Yes
Q4: How confident do you feel that you are capable of making the right decision in a case like the one above? Q1: What are the main conditions causing death and disability among women during pregnancy and/or childbirth in your hospital? Check all that apply.
Q11: What two criteria best describe maternal sepsis?
Answer: infection & organ dysfunction
Q5: How would you qualify the availability of resources in the facility where you work to help you make the right decisions? Q14: How many women are affected by maternal sepsis in your facility every year? Give your best estimate (a whole number), given your experience in the facility.
Q2b/Q2a: What would be the first two things (this) woman should receive?
Answer: antibiotics & fluidsa
Q6: How supported do you feel by the facility in which you work to make the right decision in a case like the one above? Q16: How many deliveries occur every year, on average, in your facility? Give your best estimate.
  Q17: Have you ever received specific training in how to manage women who present with signs of infection while pregnant, during childbirth, postpartum or post-abortion?  
  1. aResponses were deemed correct if respondents had accurately identified sepsis as the condition. Respondents were not penalized for not identifying the correct management if sepsis had not been selected as the condition