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Table 1 Summary of PEACH™ QLD timeline with targeted versus universal eligibility criteria

From: Enrolment of families with overweight children into a program aimed at reducing childhood obesity with and without a weight criterion: a natural experiment

  Targeted Eligibility Criterion (TEC) Universal Eligibility Criterion (UEC)
Program Wave Waves 1–4 Wave 5
Date range October 2013–April 2016 February – September 2016
Age criterion 5–11 years Primary school ageda
Weight criterion Above healthy weight only All weight categories were accepted
Residence Families must reside in Queensland
  1. aIn Queensland, children are able to commence primary school from 4 years, depending on when their date of birth falls in the calendar year. The age criteria (5–11 years) meant that some primary school aged children were not eligible to enrol. In Wave 5 the extension to ‘primary school age’ was made to streamline recruitment strategies [16]