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Table 1 Key stakeholders

From: Process of adaptation, development and assessment of acceptability of a health educational intervention to improve referral uptake by people with diabetes in Sri Lanka

Public health sector
 1) Health Education and Promotion Unit – Ministry of Health – Sri Lanka
 2) College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka
 3) Diabetes Education Unit – National Hospital of Sri Lanka
 4) Vision 2020 Program (DR blindness prevention program) – Ministry of Health – Sri Lanka
 5) Department of Sociology (Medical anthropology)
 6) Media personnel (a newspaper reporter)
 7) A person with diabetes and a person with DR from the Western province (patient representatives)
Service delivery personnel
 8) Association of Vitreo Retina Specialists of Sri Lanka
 9) College of Ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka
 10) Sri Lanka Optometric Association - Sri Lanka
 11) Ceylon College of Physicians - Sri Lanka
 12) College of Endocrinologists - Sri Lanka