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Table 1 Overview of the questionnaires of step one of the PERSSILAA screening and triage to the three groups

From: Identification of community-dwelling older adults at risk of frailty using the PERSSILAA screening pathway: a methodological guide and results of a large-scale deployment in the Netherlands

Questionnaire Domain Outcome
Groningen Frailty Indicator (GFI) [20, 21] General level of frailty 4 = pre-frail
≥ 5 = frail
SF-36 [22] physical functioning scale (PF-10) Physical domain ≤ 60 = functional decline/physical pre-frailty
The AD8 Dementia Screening Interview (AD8) [25, 26] Cognitive domain ≥ 2 = cognitive impairment/cognitive pre-frailty
Mini Nutrition Assessment Short-Form (MNA-SF) [27] Nutritional domain ≤ 7 = possible malnutrition/nutritional pre-frailty