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Table 1 Summary of themes

From: Comparing the reasons for suicide from attempt survivors and their families in Ghana

Attempt survivors’ reasons for suicide Relatives’ reasons for attempt survivor’s suicide
Similar reasons
 My stepmum used to beat me and insult me. (SA, Female, 18 years) Her stepmum was worrying her and wanted me to sack her from the house. (F, Male, 62 years).
 Then all of a sudden he packs his things and goes to stay with another woman (SA, Female, 28) The man she wanted to be with did not work out too (F, Male, 50)
 I knew that so long as the money was missing, my life had ended (SA, Male, 27 years). He said thieves had taken his money and he wanted to kill himself. (F, Male, 45 years).
 At home they trouble you and treat you as if you are nothing to them (SA, Male, 21 years). My elder sister also doesn’t like him, she has been talking to him anyhow and insulting him (F, Male, 25 years).
 I was having arguments with him (her boyfriend) on this fateful day.. (SA, Female, 34 years). I knew she was having problems with her boyfriend and his family.. (Female, 30 years).
Different reasons
 I was having a disagreement with my girlfriend over a trivial issue (SA, Male, 24 years). When my husband and I have quarrels, I realized it affects him.. (Female, 56 years).
 My husband and I were not on good terms then (SA, Female, 34 years). I spoke to some people a long time ago about it and told them I suspected my wife had a mental problem (F, Male, 44 years).
 My mum and I had a deal and she said she doesn’t have any money. I had put my hopes high (SA, Male, 20 years). The other was that feeling that all was lost because of his school grades (F, Female, 30 years).
 I will call it depression and isolation (SA, Female, 24 years). I don’t have any idea and to my best of knowledge there was nothing wrong with her (F, Female, 40 years).
 I think it was spiritual or something because I wasn’t having any problem with anyone (SA, Female, 21 years). I knew that she didn’t have much friends, she was always alone. Am sure that caused it. She didn’t tell the truth. I don’t think it is spiritual (F, Female, 31 years).