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Table 1 Information gaps for designing NCD interventions

From: Designing a comprehensive Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) programme for hypertension and diabetes at primary health care level: evidence and experience from urban Karnataka, South India

# Information pre-requisite Utility of information Level of action (intervention)
1 Population burden of diabetes and hypertension, their risk factors To plan adequate resources and infrastructure for screening and management, prevention, promotion Facilities and frontline health workers in the community
2 Facility readiness to offer NCD care To plan interventions to strengthen the availability and quality of NCD care Health systems and Facility level
3 Community characteristics: Lifestyles, treatment adherence, out of pocket expenses. To plan adequate prevention and health promotion measures Facilities and frontline health workers in the community
4 Community characteristics: myths, beliefs and practices around hypertension and diabetes that affect health seeking and compliance To plan educational and behaviour change initiatives Individual, family and community level