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Table 2 Linking Individual Needs to Community and Clinical Services (LINKS) Assessment Schedule

From: Protocol for LINKS (linking individual needs to community and clinical services): a prospective matched observational study of a community health worker community clinical linkage intervention on the U.S.-Mexico border

Assessment Measures Timing
Emotional Well-being Questionnaire • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System [42]
• Short Form 8 Health Survey [43]
• Social Support Inventory [44]
• State Hope Scale [45]
• Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale [46]
0, 3, 6 months
Social Determinant of Health Needs (CHW follow-up visits) • Resources needed
• Participant-driven utilization
• Issues addressed and reflections on participant well being
0–6 months
Clinical Data Collection (Electronic Health Records) • Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Blood pressure
• Blood lipid profile
-2 years; 3, 6 months; 1 year