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Table 3 Challenges and bottlenecks identified by front-line healthcare workers

From: Gridlock from diagnosis to treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Tanzania: low accessibility of molecular diagnostic services and lack of healthcare worker empowerment in 28 districts of 5 high burden TB regions with mixed methods evaluation

A. DTLCs and DACs identified challenges Frequencies. n (%)
 Lack of specimen referral mechanisms 23 (43)
 Unreliable patients address 13 (25)
 Shortage of healthcare workers 7 (13)
 Patients opt to find traditional medicine and do not return for results 5 (9)
 Lack of equipment for diagnostics 3 (6)
 Lack of healthcare worker motivation 1 (2)
 Rotation to different section regardless of knowledge on TB/HIV 1 (2)
B. Laboratory designated heads n (%)
 Stock out of XpertMTB/RIF cartridges or related reagents 9 (82)
 Unreliable maintenance and service if needed 4 (36)
 Shortage of staff for operating XpertMTB/RIF 2 (18)
 Forced reliance on untrained staff 1 (9)
 Few samples for XpertMTB/RIF received per day 1 (9)
 Samples received at late hours 1 (9)
 Electrical fluctuations 1 (9)
  1. DTLC District tuberculosis and leprosy coordinator. DAC District AIDS coordinator