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Table 3 Timing and amplitude of influenza peaks by country and comparison with recommended timing of influenza vaccination

From: Epidemiology and timing of seasonal influenza epidemics in the Asia-Pacific region, 2010–2017: implications for influenza vaccination programs

Influenza transmission zone/country Primary peak Secondary peak Recommended vaccination timing Appropriateness of recommended vaccination timing a
Timing Amplitude Timing Amplitude
Southern Asia
 Bangladesh Jul 97.70% Jan 0.30% April Appropriate
 India Mar 105.20% Aug 87.90% April Uncertain
 Iran Jan 111.90% May 26.90% October Appropriate
 Nepal Aug 99.60% Mar 78.80% April Appropriate
 Pakistan Feb 103.10% Sep 21.10% October Appropriate
 Sri Lanka Jun 93.00% Dec 75.70% October Uncertain
Eastern Asia
 China Feb 85.60% Aug 26.90% October Appropriate
 Japan Feb 103.70% Jun 12.50% October Appropriate
 Mongolia Feb 105.70% Jul 10.80% October Appropriate
 South Korea Feb 107.50% Sep 15.20% October Appropriate
South-East Asia
 Cambodia Oct 101.20% Jul 31.50% April Not appropriate
 Indonesia Feb 84.00% Oct 19.50% October Appropriate
 Laos Oct 79.40% Feb 41.90% April Not appropriate
 Philippines Aug 93.50% Mar 24.60% April Appropriate
 Singapore Jun 72.60% Jan 35.90% October Uncertain
 Thailand Sep 87.50% Mar 57.80% April Not appropriate
 Vietnam Jul 59.00% Nov 40.90% April Uncertain
 Australia Aug 100.40% Apr 12.50% April Appropriate
 New Zealand Aug 104.30% Jan 8.70% April Appropriate
  1. aVaccination timing was considered appropriate if it was recommended ≤4 months before the primary peak of influenza circulation