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Table 2 Timeline and characteristics of dengue classifications used over 30 years of dengue fatal cases investigation in Brazil

From: 30 years of fatal dengue cases in Brazil: a review

Dengue classification Source Classifications Years of use in Brazil
World Health Organization (WHO), 1997 World Health Organization (WHO), after a study based on dengue on children in Thailand in the 1950s and 1960s, with modifications in 1986 and 1997 [34]. DHF and DSS From 1986 to 2000
Ministry of Health of Brazil, 2000 Brazilian Ministry of Health, used to define dengue severe cases that did not meet the WHO criteria for DHF / DSS. Used only in Brazil. DCC From 2000 to 2013
WHO, 2009 World Health Organization (WHO), based on the results of a multicenter study (DENCO) conducted in Southeast Asia and Latin America to assess the limitations of the 1997 classification. DwWS and SD From 2014 to present
  1. DHF: Dengue haemorraghic fever, DSS: Dengue shock syndrome, DCC: Dengue with complications, DwWS: Dengue with warning signs, SD: Severe dengue