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Table 1 Summary of tools provided in adopted IDSR guidelines, Sierra Leone, 2015

From: Revitalization of integrated disease surveillance and response in Sierra Leone post Ebola virus disease outbreak

IDSR Function Tool/Template
Identify Cases of Priority Diseases and Events 1. Sierra Leone standard case definitions for reporting suspected priority diseases conditions and events from the health facility to the district
2. Key signs and symptoms for case definitions for use at community level
3. Template for identifying district reporting sites
4. Laboratory functions by health system level
5. List of national laboratories for confirming priority diseases and conditions
Report Priority Diseases, Conditions and Events 1. IDSR case-based reporting form (immediate reporting)
2. IDSR health facility line listing form
3. IDSR case-based laboratory reporting form
4. IHR (2005) decision instrument
5. IDSR weekly summary reporting form
6. Report completeness (to be filled only by District & National Level)
7. IDSR weekly/monthly summary reporting form
8. Sierra Leone IDSR Reports and Data Sharing Log book
Analyse Data 1. Data Analysis Plan Template
2. Guide on how to generate a line graph manually
Investigate Suspected Outbreaks and other public health events 1. District log of suspected outbreaks and rumours
2. Checklist of laboratory supplies for use in an outbreak investigation
3. Recommended list of personal protective equipment
4. Guide for records review
5. Contacts recording sheet
6. Contact tracing form (follow-up)
Prepare to Respond to Outbreaks 1. Essential stock items for responding to outbreaks
2. Stock situation report
3. IDSR stock item transaction and balance sheet
Respond to Outbreaks 1. Case management guidelines
2. Infection prevention and control guidelines
3. Planning guide for supplemental vaccination activities and recommended immunization practices guides
4. Guide for communication during an outbreak
Communicate Information 1. Sample district outbreak report
2. Sample public health bulletin
Monitor, evaluate surveillance and response 1. List of core indicators for the health facility level
2. Chart for monitoring performance of IDSR indicators at health facility level
3. List of core indicators for the district level