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Table 1 Instruments at baseline, first follow-up and second follow-up

From: Community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) - design of a cluster randomized controlled trial comparing individual, group and self-help interventions

  Baseline First follow-up after 3 months from baseline (t1) Second follow-up after 6 months from baseline (t2)
Demographic information X   
Information on whether the drinker has sought treatment (primary outcome)   X X
Audit about use of Alcohol [34] X X X
Quality of life [35] X X X
Self-reported number of days with sick leave within the last 30 days X X X
Time spent with the problems drinker [36] X X X
The drinker’s use of alcohol (according to the CSO) [36] X X X
PHQ9_Danish [37] X X X
Coping Questionnaire 30 items form [38] X X X
Family Member Impact Questionnaire [38] X X X
Personal Happiness Scale [39] X X X
Satisfaction with the intervention received [40]   X X