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Table 1 Intervention components and delivery timeline

From: A multi-component intervention to sit less and move more in a contact centre setting: a feasibility study

Intervention component Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Education and training session for team leaders and the movement champion Intrapersonal/ Interpersonal/ Organisational x         
Health check feedback Intrapersonal   x        x
Education and training session for call agents Intrapersonal   x     x    
Emails Intrapersonal   x x x x x x x x
Height-adjustable workstations Environmental  
Team leader support Interpersonal  
Movement champion Interpersonal  
  1. 0 to 8 represents the week number. Week 0 indicates post-baseline but pre-intervention delivery
  2. x Administered intervention component Ongoing intervention component