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Table 4 Reported Physical Activity and Screen Time Policies in Participating Texas Child Care Centersab

From: Physical activity, screen time, and outdoor learning environment practices and policy implementation: a cross sectional study of Texas child care centers

  Policy reported
  % (n)
The facility has a written policy on PA and/or screen time 81.70 (393)
Physical Activitycd
 Total PA policies reported (M, SD) 3.92 (3.00)
 Shoes & clothes that allow children and teachers/caregivers to actively participate in PA 66.45 (303)
 Amount of time provided each day for indoor & outdoor PA 62.50 (285)
 Unstructured (active free play) PA play 48.25 (220)
 Not withholding PA as punishment 40.57 (185)
 Supporting PA (e.g. staff involved during active play time, visible display in classrooms & common areas) 39.91 (182)
 Structured (adult-led active play) PA play 35.53 (162)
 Education for teachers/caregivers on children’s PA 33.33 (152)
 Limiting long periods of seated time for children 28.07 (128)
 Education for children on PA 25.22 (115)
 Education for families on children’s PA 12.28 (56)
Screen Timec
 Total screen time policies reported (M, SD) 1.44 (1.65)
 Amount of screen time allowed 45.37 (206)
 Types of programming allowed 34.14 (155)
 Appropriate supervision & use of screen time in classrooms 30.84 (140)
 Not using screen time as a reward or to manage challenging behaviors 14.54 (66)
 Professional development on screen time 12.56 (57)
 Education for families on screen time 6.61 (30)
  1. aPolicy questions were check all that apply option. Answers were dichotomized (Reported/Not reported)
  2. bTotal N = 481, n varies from 453 to 456 due to missing data
  3. cEarly Childhood PA Survey Question based on NAP SACC
  4. dEarly Childhood PA Survey Question based on TX CORD
  5. Abbreviations: PA, physical activity; M, mean; SD, standard deviation