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Table 2 Sample Interview Questions (complete interview guide available in additional files)

From: Workplace health promotion and safety in state and territorial health departments in the United States: a national mixed-methods study of activity, capacity, and growth opportunities

What do you think your department would need the most right now if it wanted to expand its efforts in OSH (or WHP)?
What do you think it is important for us to know when it comes to funding for OSH (or WHP) programming?
In your opinion, what might your health department’s ideal staffing be to do OSH (or WHP) work in this state?
What could your health department leadership do to better support OSH (or WHP) in your state? Can you think of any ways the CDC could help health department leadership become more supportive of OSH (or WHP)?
In the survey, we asked about helpful resources that your health department uses to conduct OSH (or WHP) work. You replied [response] were the most helpful resources. Pick the one you consider to be the most helpful – In what way did you use it? What characteristics made it so helpful? Is there anything you would change?