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Table 1 The main lifestyle goals of the intervention

From: Digitally supported program for type 2 diabetes risk identification and risk reduction in real-world setting: protocol for the StopDia model and randomized controlled trial

Lifestyle target Lifestyle recommendation
 Dietary score Improvement in diet score
 Breakfast Have a breakfast on 5 week days
 Roots and non-root vegetables ≥ 3 portionsa of roots and non-root vegetables per day
 Fruits and berries ≥ 2 portionsb of fruits and berries per day
 Fish Fish ≥2 times per week
 Red and processed meat Red and processed meat ≤5 times per week
 Milk products 4 portionsc of low-fat and fat-free milk, sour milk and yoghurt (≤1% fat), low-fat cheese (≤17% fat) and milk products with no or low in sugar per day
 Vegetable oils and vegetable oil based spreads Vegetable oils and vegetable oil based spreads on bread, cooking, and in salad dressings
 Grain products ≥6 portionsd of grain products (> 50% whole grain) per day in women and ≥ 9 portionsd per day in men
 Nuts, seeds, and almonds About 30 g of natural nuts, seeds, and almonds per day
 Sugar containing beverages ≤2 dl of sugar containing beverages per day
 Alcohol beverages ≤1 portione of alcohol beverages per day in women and ≤ 2 portionse per day in men
Physical activity
 Physical activity ≥30 min of at least moderate intensity physical activity per day on at least five days a week
 Sedentary behavior Decreased sedentary behavior
 Sleeping time ≥7 h of sleeping per day
 Smoking To quit or at least decrease smoking
 Body weight Weight loss
 Mood Increased attention to positive mood inducing factors
 Stress Increased use of relaxation techniques
  1. a1 portion = 1 dl grated vegetables, salad or cooked vegetables, 1 average size carrot or 2 tomatoes
  2. b1 portion = 1 dl berries or 1 average size fruit
  3. c1 portion = 2 dl liquid dairy products (e.g. milk, sour milk, yoghurt) or 2 slices cheese
  4. d1 portion = 1 slice of bread, ½ roll, 1,5 dl porridge or ½ dl muesli
  5. e1 portion = 12 cl wine, 33 cl medium strength beer or 4 cl spirits