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Table 4 Summary of Development and Implementation Processes

From: Timely linkage of individuals to substance use disorder treatment: development, implementation, and evaluation of

  Planning phase Preparation phase Delivery phase
Recruit Concept Development and Implementation Partners - Identify state agency and organization partners
- Meet with senior agency and organization officials to obtain website development buy-in
- Obtain CDC NCIPC funding
- Develop website formative, process, and outcome evaluation plan
- Provide regular website development updates to partners and request feedback
- Partner approval of website design
- Pilot test website with partners before website release
- Obtain partner agreement on final website layout
- Develop website performance metrics
- Promote and disseminate website to development and implementation partners
- Obtain website feedback from partners
- Collect and analyze website evaluation data
Recruit SUD Treatment Facilities - Develop criteria for SUD treatment facility listing on website
- Develop persuasive argument to obtain SUD treatment facility buy-in
- Hire SUD treatment facility recruitment staff
- Meet with DBHDID to obtain SUD treatment facility listings and DBHDID support for website
- Develop talking points for SUD treatment facility meetings
- Develop SUD treatment facility website application
- Identify key contacts for each SUD treatment facility
- Personally meet with SUD treatment facilities
- Collect and input SUD treatment facility applications into website
Develop Website - Identify website stakeholders
- Hire website developer
- Develop concept vision for website layout
- Develop requirements for core functionality, including subpages and analytics
- Design website prototype with adequate landing page appearance, GPS location of listed SUD treatment facilities, appropriate jargon, real-time availability measures, website use tracking, and analytics
- Hardware testing of website prototype
- Develop and pilot test website usability and focus group test questions
- Develop glossary of terms
- Conduct website usability and focus group testing with 10 groups
- Review usability and focus group testing results and revise website
- Develop final website ready for implementation
- Continually enhance user experience and functionality based on website use tracking and user feedback
- Solicit feedback from SUD treatment facilities on treatment availability functionality
Develop Website Information Repository - Identify website information repository audiences
- Familiarize staff with SAMHSA, NIDA, CDC, Justice and Public Safety, and NIOSH SUD treatment and prevention information
- Identify and meet with communications partner to develop SUD condensed target audience on-pagers
- Collate SUD information resources from SAMHSA, NIDA CDC, Justice and Public Safety, and NIOSH
- Decide on SUD prevention and treatment information topics
- Decide SUD prevention and treatment topics for comprehensive documents per audience type
- Decide on topics for condensed SUD prevention treatment, and recovery one-pagers and develop one-pagers
- Populate information repository with documents targeted to audience type
- Develop and populate information repository with 30 customized one-pagers at a 6th grade reading level
Implement - Identify state recognized champion to promote website
- Identification of website launch date based on website development, SUD treatment facility participation status, and partner availability
- Identify conferences and meetings to promote website to health and safety professionals
- Coordinate press conference with Governor’s office
- Develop press conference agenda with speakers
- Register for in-state health and safety professional conferences to promote the website
- Ongoing monitoring, quality assurance, and evaluation of website functionality
- Conduct press conference in collaboration with Governor Bevin, Commissioner for Public Health, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet secretary, and director of KIPRC
- Promote website at 20 conferences in year of website release
- statewide website promotional campaign