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Table 2 List of Behavior Change Techniques utilized in RUFIT-NZ and FFIT by grouping (BCT Taxonomy v1) [44]

From: Rugby Fans in Training New Zealand (RUFIT-NZ): a pilot randomized controlled trial of a healthy lifestyle program for overweight men delivered through professional rugby clubs in New Zealand

BCT Grouping BCT BCTs utilised by RUFIT-NZa and FFIT
1. Goals and planning 1. Goal setting (behavior)
2. Goat setting (outcome)
3. Behavioral contract
4. Commitment
5. Action planning (includes Implementation intentions)
6. Review behavior goals
7. Review outcome goal(s)
8. Discrepancy between current behavior and goal
9. Problem solving (includes Relapse prevention)
2. Feedback and monitoring 2.1. Feedback on behavior
2.2 Monitoring of behavior by others (coaches) without feedback
2.3. Feedback on outcome(s) of behavior
2.4. Self-monitoring of behavior
2.5. Self-monitoring of outcome(s) of behavior
3. Social support 3.1. Social support (unspecified)
3.2. Social support (practical)
3.3. Social support (emotional)
4. Shaping knowledge 4.1. Information about antecedents
4.2. Re-attribution
4.3. Instruction on how to perform a behavior
5. Natural consequences 5.1. Information about health consequences
5.2. Salience of consequences
5.3. Monitoring of emotional consequences
5.4. Information about emotional consequences
6. Comparison of behavior 6.1. Social comparison
6.2. Demonstration of the behavior
7. Comparison of outcomes 7.1. Persuasive source
8. Repetition and substitution 8.1. Behavioral practice/rehearsal
8.2. Habit formation
8.3. Behavior substitution
8.4. Generalisation of a target behavior
8.5. Graded tasks
8.6. Habit reversal
9. Regulation 9.1. Reduce negative emotions
10. Antecedents 10.1. Avoidance/reducing exposure to cues for the behavior
10.2. Adding objects to the environment
10.3. Restructuring the social environment
11. Identity 11.1. Identification of self as a role model
11.2. Framing/reframing
12. Self-belief 12.1. Verbal persuasion about capability
12.2. Focus on past successes
13. Covert learning 13.1 Vicarious consequences
  1. aRUFIT-NZ = both the Auckland and Otago programs