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Table 2 Overview of process evaluation objectives and methods used

From: The Dynamic Work study: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial of an occupational health intervention aimed at reducing sitting time in office workers

  Q-B Q-3M Q-12M FG-3M INT-w Activator AR Logbook INT-OP- 12M FG-HD/TM-12M INT-DWc-12M FN
  Characteristics of participating departments (e.g. size, facilities and work content).         X   X X X
  Characteristics of occupational physiotherapist (e.g. background, demographics, and experience).          X    
  Characteristics of participants (e.g. demographics and health risk profile). X            
 Facilitating factors and barriers to delivery of Dynamic Work at departments
  Perceived barriers and facilitators for implementation, attractiveness to participate, successes and failures regarding recruitment and intervention delivery, intention for continuation, and future activities.          X X X  
  Sources and procedures for recruitment of departments, and reported reasons for (non-)participation.           X X X
  Sources and procedures for recruitment of occupational physiotherapists to deliver Dynamic Work in participating departments.          X   X X
  Sources and procedures for recruitment of participants, and reported reasons for (non-)participation and withdrawal from the study. X    X X      X X X
  Total number of installed sit-stand desks and cycling workstations, number of delivered plenary and on-site counselling sessions, number of occupational physiotherapist consultations, and number of distributed Activators and self-help program booklets (dose delivered).       X   X    X X
  Participation in the Dynamic Work intervention (e.g. number of attended sessions, coach consultations and use of sit-stand desk, cycling workstation, Activator and self-help program booklet) (dose received).   X X X   X X X     
  The extent to which occupational physiotherapists delivered the face-to-face session with the head of the department/team managers, the plenary Dynamic Work sessions and on-site department counselling sessions as intended (fidelity).         X     
 Experiences of the Dynamic Work intervention and which elements were most useful
  Head of department/team manager and coordinator views and experiences of adopting and implementing the Dynamic Work intervention.           X X X
  Occupational physiotherapists’ experience with the Dynamic Work intervention and view on essential elements in supporting participants to make behavioural change.          X    X
  Participants’ experiences and perceived effectiveness with the Dynamic Work intervention, and their view on essential elements in supporting them to make behavioural changes.   X X X         X
  1. Abbreviations: Q-B Questionnaire participant baseline, Q-3M Questionnaire participant 3M, Q12-M Questionnaire participant 12M, FG-3M Focusgroup participant 3M, INT-w Interview withdrawal participant, AR Attendance record, INT-OP-12M Interview occupational physiotherapist 12M, FG-HD/TM-12M Focusgroup head of department/ team manager 12M, INT-DWc-12W Interview Dynamic Work coordinator, FN field notes reseracher