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Table 4 Breast health seeking behaviour and practice among female members of households in Kaloleni sub-county, Kenya

From: Breast Cancer knowledge, perceptions and practices in a rural Community in Coastal Kenya

Question n(%)a
Where would you go if you have a breast swelling?
 Health facility 418(95.4)
 Faith healer 3(0.7)
 Traditional healer 2(0.5)
 Other 1(0.2)
 Don’t know 14(3.2)
How soon would you seek help for a breast lump?
  < 1 week 370(90.7)
  < 1 month 27(6.6)
 1–3 months 8(2.0)
 Depends on factors 3(0.7)
Who decides where you would seek help for a breast problem?
 Husband 213(49.0)
 Myself 129(29.7)
 Parents 54 (12.4)
 In-laws 3(0.7)
 Other 36(8.3)
What health facility would you go to to seek help for a breast problem?
 Dispensary 217(51.2)
 Health centre 69(16.3)
 Sub-county hospital 105(24.8)
 County or Teaching & Referral hospital 33(7.8)
Why would you choose this facility?
 Location close to home 238(55.4)
 Quality of service 131(30.5)
 Finances 11(2.6)
 Other (family or husband’s decision, transportation, etc.) 60(11.7)
Would you allow a male doctor to examine your breast?
 Yes 354(82.3)
 No 69(16.1)
Would you allow a male traditional healer to examine your breast?  
 Yes 76(17.4)
 No 357(81.5)
  1. a total numbers may not add up to 442 because some respondents did not respond to specific questions