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Table 2 Affirmative responses to food groups consumed in a household 24 h prior to the survey in three selected districts, Ethiopia, 2015

From: Anaemia among adolescent girls in three districts in Ethiopia

Food groups n %(Yes)
bread, rice, noodles, or other foods made from grains 1208 91.3
Any dark green leafy vegetables 452 87.2
Any oil, fats, or butter, or foods made with any of these 967 73.1
Any foods made from beans, peas, lentils, nuts, or seeds 886 67.0
White potatoes, white yams, manioc, cassava, or any other foods made from roots 818 61.8
Cheese, yogurt, or other milk products 297 22.5
fruits or vegetables 155 11.7
meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, or duck 67 5.1
Eggs 51 3.9
Fresh or dried fish, shellfish, or seafood 32 3.4