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Table 2 Discussion guide by topic and group

From: Community perception and knowledge of cystic echinococcosis in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Topic Topic addressed
Mena Womenb Butchers
1) Knowledge and perceptions of echinococcosis Y Y Y
• Knowledge
• Treatment & prevention
• Impact
2) Sheep management Y N N
• Role of sheep
• Management problems
• Cysts
3) Perception of dogs Y Y N
• Positive and negative aspects of dogs
• Feeding of dogs
• Stray dogs
4) Perception of control options Y Y Y
• Stop feeding dogs with sheep cysts
• Feeding of dogs by owners
• Burying or burning sheep carcass/offal to prevent dogs from eating them
• Discourage dog ownership
• Kill stray dogs
• Replace sheep with goats
5) Slaughtering practices and cysts in sheep N Y Y
• Slaughtering practices
• Waste management
• Cysts
6) Hygiene N Y N
• Hand washing
• Water use
7) Economical aspects N N Y
• Price setting
• Knowledge
• Treatment & prevention
• Impact
  1. aSheep farmers
  2. bFarmers’ wives and female students
  3. Legend: Y Yes, N No