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Table 5 Quotations illustrating recommendations to overcome barriers

From: Barriers and facilitators to adoption, implementation and sustainment of obesity prevention interventions in schoolchildren– a DEDIPAC case study

(RE)AIM Parameters (Bold)
 Collaboration and Communication “maybe if we had like a sit down every quarter or whatever and just talk through the issues” [GSTO].
 Training …“they (boys) had to have their cycle training, they had to disclose it to myself, they had to do their bike maintenance, they had to wear a helmet and they had to have permission from their parents …their cycling numbers went up significantly” [Green Schools Coordinator (Teacher)].
 Cost reduction, other “…it proved much easier to sustain a budget, a net budget of XXX.” [Government Department A, Civil Servant]
  …“from the publication of the focused policy assessment there was a question whether we should just close the programme…but I think the view from the Department would be that it is a good programme” [Government Department B, Civil Servant].