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Table 4 Quotations illustrating supportive actions around adoption, implementation and maintenance of the interventions

From: Barriers and facilitators to adoption, implementation and sustainment of obesity prevention interventions in schoolchildren– a DEDIPAC case study

(RE)AIM Parameters (Bold))  
 Collaboration and Communication “She (FD Programme Managerl) came and she spoke to me about any concerns, any queries…She was at the end of the phone if there was any issues”. [FD School Coordinator]
  …“Some County Councils are very supportive and have provided material resources such as maps which are useful...” [GSTO].
 Training …“we developed a course calledGet in Gear“... it’s simply just showing them skills it takes to get back on their bike and bring them out for a cycle, and then we evaluate how they feel about cycling after...” [Intermediary Agency A, Management Official].
 Characteristics of setting …“very dependent on a number of different factors, the delivery on time, the caretaker letting it in, the parents arriving…no problems, as long as the machine was well oiled it was all fine” [FD School Coordinator].
 Implementers’ charcteristics …“you will often have a few teachers… who commute in by bike so it’s great to kind of harness in on those” [GSTO].
 Adaptation and customisation …“they wanted feedback from the schools…they were told that there was water in the pineapple bag or the cucumber bag… it puts them off the food completely….”[FD School Coordinator].
  “If there is a child who has never tasted this or would never eat it in a millions years at home then you have to adapt it to the child involved. You kind of say ‘Right just eat one piece’ or ‘Taste it” [FD School Coordinator].
  …“If it is a rural school and they don’t have footpaths or infrastructure then you might be looking at carpooling or maybe park and stride” [GSTO].
 Costs, resources and funding needed for implementation …“we’ve got a load of resources…which we have developed over the years, based on problems we’ve faced (and) schools have faced and we’ve come up with an option for them, a solution” [Intermediary Agency A, Management Official].