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Table 2 Drawbacks associated with HIV counselling and testing and self-testing

From: HIV self-testing as part of a differentiated HIV testing approach: exploring urban and rural adult experiences from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa using a cross-over study design

Theme Quotation
Counselling as the back bone of the HIV testing process “It’s just that I had not received any counselling I wasn’t ready, so I don’t know how it would have gone had my results been positive.” (IDI, Male, RT, 0008). “If you do self-testing, you would not get the support that you get from the counsellor.” (IDI, Male, HTN, 0033). “Before you use this kit, you need counselling, if maybe we are going to collect the kit from the clinic, the person who distributes the kit should counsel the user because if I found out that I am positive, alone and I don’t get counselling I might do stupid things.” (IDI, Male, RT, 0014)
Confidence associated with HIV testing process “There would be doubt in the results since you do it yourself.” (IDI, Female, RT, 0005). “With HCT, everything will go accordingly in the correct order.” (IDI, Female, RT, 0020). “I initially struggled to prick my finger because I was scared that I am going to hurt myself.” (IDI, Female, RT, 0027). “It was quiet easy and is a process I can get used to over time, I see HIVST as being quite all right.” (IDI, Male, RT, 0008)
Convenience during the HIV testing process “If you don’t have time to go to the clinic because you work during the week. Some clinics don’t open on weekends, so at least if you buy this kit you can use it in your spare time” (IDI, Female, HTN, 0031). “Not being worried about having to go to the clinic to test if you have not been in a while, you can save on transport money.” (IDI, Female, RT, 0002)
Influence of confidentiality during HIV testing process “This (HIVST) can give you privacy and you can decide when and who you want to disclose to” (IDI, Female, RT, 0029). “You don’t have to worry about your results being discussed to other people that you don’t want them to know. Other benefits would be that you do this test at the comfort of your own private space.” (IDI, Female, RT, 0030)
  1. Note: RT Routine tester, HTN HIV testing naive