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Table 5 Why Vaccinate Themes and Exemplars

From: Maternal perceptions of childhood vaccination: explanations of reasons for and against vaccination

Theme Sub-theme Number of respondents affirming sub-theme
Why Vaccinate
Representative Exemplars
Why Vaccinate
Sources of Influence
  Experience 45 “Something we’ve been doing with all our kids” (812467)
“I was vaccinated as a child and I’m fine” (818606)
“I have witnessed children contracting preventable diseases because of not getting vaccinations” (830893)
“Grandfather had polio, we see the effects of this and chose to immunize” (810506)
  External Sources 86 “I had a Nazi doctor that told me do to it” (818454)
“Mostly because of pressure from doctors and health nurses” (818194)
“I trust that immunizations are important” (830404)
“Expected by health community” (818362)
“It is a general protocol in this country” (810647)
“I believe it is a privilege to vaccinate your child and I am going to take advantage!” (818806)
“Common sense” (515035)
Deliberative Processes
  Risk 1234 “We felt the risks of not vaccinating her outweighed the risks of vaccinating her” (730265)
“I felt it was necessary in this day and age” (818753)
“Want the protection they provide” (818415)
“Its what you do to protect your child” (818706)
“If he wants to travel someday he’ll need all his shots so why not do it now” (830755)
“Hard decision but figured with the amount we travel we should” (810612)
“Overall health now and for the future” (818568)
“For the best health of my child” (530213)
“It’s what I believe the safest option” (818704)
“Because I want to keep my child safe from a life threatening disease…” (810467)
“I think it will give me peace of mind” (812590)
  Research 10 “Preventitive, did research-probably best thing to do especially with measles etc. on the rise. Also, some people depend on herd immunity” (815139)
“Following recommended health guidelines. Plus, I researched it & agree with doing this” (530342)
“Because its the smart thing to do.” (830464)
“Because it’s smart. Science inconclusive about autism. Did much research.” (818582)
  Effectiveness 20 “Believe in science. Incredible amounts of research done tn ensure safety & effectiveness of vaccines. I think its socially irresponsible to not vaccinate children, leaves most vulnerable populations at risk for preventable disease” (812432)
“Because it’s proven effective” (818633)
“These illnesses are now rare due to the fact that we now have vaccinations” (810419)
“Vaccines is why these diseases are under control” (815096)
  Balancing risks and benefits 35 “I felt the risk associated with not immunizing were greater than those associated with immunizing” (710295)
“I felt the potential dangers of the vaccine were less than the potential dangers of the disease” (812369)
“The likely hood of complicationss from vaccination is FAR outweighted by the benefits of vaccination” (510262)
“I believe the benefits outweigh the risks and I don’t buy into the alarm over not vaccinating” (830445)
  Responsibility 233 “Public health” (660108)
“It’s the right thing to do, just cause the disease is control doesn’t mean its safe not, vaccines is why these diseases are under control” (815096)
“We think it is in the best interest of children & society as a whole to immunize against things we can” (830422)
“For the better of all – common sense” (812551)
“It’s our responsibility to society to prevent spread of disease” (818411)
“To keep her from contracting any of the diseases and be a responsible member of society” (818661)
“Protect against potentially fatal diseases. Also our public health duty” (830995)
“I am a responsible parent” (818198)
“The vaccine companies are heavily protected by gov’t” (812324)
“Met with my doctor and a pediatric infectious disease specialist” (818020)
“Recommendation by naturopath” (810512)
“because it is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do” (818729)