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Table 2 Study design

From: Qualitative exploration of the impact of employment and volunteering upon the health and wellbeing of African refugees settled in regional Australia: a refugee perspective

Interview topics
 • Background information (Country of origin, time spent in Australia, working and volunteering status)
 • Relationship between employment, health and health seeking behaviour
 • Relationship between unemployment, health and health seeking behaviour
 • Relationship between volunteering, health and health seeking behaviour
 • Factors facilitating and preventing successful employment and volunteering
 • Areas of need and recommendations
Inclusion criteria
 • Resettled and currently residing within the local government area
 • Refugee background from overseas
 • At least a conversational level of English
 • Past or present experience working or volunteering in their place of settlement
 • No previous work relationship with the researchers
 • Regional area of New South Wales, Australia
 • Major employment industries: health care and social assistance
 • Unemployment rates: ~ 6% in 2016
  1. a Note: to protect identity of participants no further details of the area are provided