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Table 4 Samples for semi-structured interviews

From: Evaluating China’s mental health policy on local-level promotion and implementation: a case study of Liuyang Municipality

Interviewees n Role Mean interview time
Senior leaders of Liuyang MHC&PH 3 Policy formulators & implementers 45 min*
Department directors of Liuyang MHC&PH 2 Policy formulators & implementers 40 min
MHOfrom a town hospital** 1 Policy implementers 25 min
PWP *** 1 Policy recipients 20 min
Family members of patients 2 Policy recipients 20 min
  1. *One interview lasting for less than 30 min;
  2. **The MHO had two year work experience of PWP management and interventions;
  3. ***One of the two interviewed households had four patients with schizophrenia, who all had cognition impairment and were excluded for interview