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Table 1 Sexual violence items

From: Exploring the relationships between sexual violence, mental health and perpetrator identity: a cross-sectional Australian primary care study

Item Category
Has anyone ever:
 exposed their sexual body parts to you, flashed you, or masturbated in front of you? Unwanted sexual contact
 harassed you while you were in a public place in a way that made you feel unsafe?
fondled or grabbed your sexual body parts?
 kissed you in a sexual way? Remember, we are only asking about things that you didn’t want to happen.
 made you show your sexual body parts to them? Remember, we are only asking about things that you didn’t want to happen.
 made you look at or participate in sexual photos or movies?
When drunk, high, drugged or passed out and unable to consent, has anyone ever:
 had vaginal sex with you? Rape/sexual assault
 made you perform oral sex?
 forced you to receive anal sex?
 made you receive oral sex?
Has anyone ever used physical force or threats of physical harm to make you:
 have vaginal sex with them? Rape/sexual assault
 try to make you have vaginal, oral, or anal sex with you, but sex did not happen?
 perform oral sex?
 let them put their fingers or an object in your vagina or anus?
 receive oral sex?
 receive anal sex?
Have you ever had vaginal, oral or anal sex with someone after they pressured you by:
 wearing you down by repeatedly asking for sex, or showing they were unhappy? Coercive behaviours and/or reproductive control
 doing things like telling you lies, making promises about the future they knew were untrue, threatening to end your relationship, or threatening to spread rumours about you?
 using their authority over you, for example, your boss or your teacher?
Have any of your romantic or sexual partners ever:
 refused to use a condom when you wanted to use one? Coercive behaviours and/or reproductive control
 tried to get you pregnant when you did not want to become pregnant; or tried to stop you from using birth control?