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Table 6 Intermediate Solution for Achieving Higher Emotional and Social School Experience

From: Pathways leading to success and non-success: a process evaluation of a cluster randomized physical activity health promotion program applying fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis

Solution Raw Coverage Unique Coverage Consistency
QOI*PSE*KAI 0.449 0.304 0.795
PAB*QOI*PSE*boi 0.213 0.068 0.880
  1. Abbreviations: BOI benefits of intervention, KAI knowledge about intervention, PAB physical activity breaks (dosage), PSE perceived self-efficacy, QOI quality of implementation
  2. Overall: solution coverage: 0.52; solution consistency 0.81
  3. Explanation: Capital letters (e.g., “PSE”) mean the causal condition is present; small letters (e.g., “pse”) mean the causal condition is not present
  4. *represents the operator "AND" in the Boolean Algebra