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Table 4 Themes in those who did not want to stop smoking

From: Determinants of motivation to quit in smokers screened for the early detection of lung cancer: a qualitative study

Reassurance from study schedule CT scans P14: If they see any changes within the CAT scan it’s gonna be caught at an extremely early stage. If there’s any changes well, I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it. (Man, 64, positive, not stopped smoking)
Too late to stop now P19: I suppose at my age lack of motive. I mean I’ve known quite a number of people younger than me have died. I don’t expect to live that much longer and I’d rather live it pleasantly. (Woman, 74, positive, not stopped smoking)
P14: I think I’ve had a good life and I’ve been here long enough and I think now if it was going to be something serious well, what would I get out of it? Another 3 or 4 years, you know. I’m not unduly perturbed about it, the prospect. Sad to say. (Man, 64, positive, not stopped smoking)
Avoidance of thoughts about smoking P26: I blank it out my mind, smoking. I blank lung cancer out my mind. (Woman, 57, negative, not stopped smoking)
P22: I think it [smoking] probably is always in my mind but I am a bit of a bury my head in the sand kinda person about it. (Woman, 59, positive, not stopped smoking)