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Table 1 Special Interventions deployed in Kaduna state to address areas with low proportions of fully or appropriately immunized children

From: Routine immunization community surveys as a tool for guiding program implementation in Kaduna state, Nigeria 2015–2016

Thematic Area Intervention Target Expected Outcome
Service Delivery Expanded Outreach Services Communities far from Health Center (>5Kms) Increase Immunization coverage
Service Delivery Transit Point Vaccination Mobile Population and child at risk of being missed Increase vaccination coverage
Service Delivery Health Camps Under 5 children and Mothers Treatment of minor ailments, deworming, health promotion
Service Delivery Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) week Pregnant mothers and children less than 5 years Improved Maternal and Child/Neonatal Care
Service Delivery Mobile Health Teams Hard to reach Population (Distance, geography, financial) Increase health outcomes for at-risk populations
Communication & Social Mobilization Newborn referrals Mothers of Babies born at home Increased neonatal health
Communication & Social Mobilization Defaulter Tracking Caregivers or mothers of children who have missed an immunization appointment Reduction in Vaccination drop-out rates
Vaccine stock management Vaccine dashboard Health facilities Reduction of vaccines stock out reports
Data managements Monitoring/Distribution of vaccine data tools/Child Cards Health Facilities Increased data quality and Documentation of services provided
Vaccine Delivery Vaccine push Health Facility Availability of vaccines at all sessions