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Table 2 Summary of measurements to be included in study

From: Prices, peers, and perceptions (P3): study protocol for improved biomass cookstove project in northern Ghana

Variable Description Data Source Groups Measured Timing of Measurements
Social Networks Linkages among and between S Group and R Group households Surveys All households (R and S Groups) Baseline, Endline
Stove Perceptions Likert-scale and subjective expectation questions measuring perceptions of stove quality / performance for both stove types along multiple dimensions: smoke, fuel use, cooking time, durability, ease of use, suitability for cooking common dishes. Surveys All households (R and S Groups) Baseline,
Stated willingness to pay / accept for stove types Surveys Already measured for R Groups pre-intervention;
Measurements added for S Groups
Baseline, Endline
Stove Choice Number (0, 1, or 2) and type(s) of stoves selected and purchased Stove orders and delivery / payment S Groups
R Control Group
Baseline and Stove Delivery
Stove Use Reported use of all stoves (traditional and improved) in all households on day and week prior to surveys Surveys All households (R and S Groups) Baseline, Endline
Electronic monitoring of stove temperature Stove Use Monitors (SUMs) Subset of stoves & households across all groups Continuous
Stove Impacts Kitchen concentrations of and personal exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) and particular matter (PM2.5) among study participants CO and PM monitors Same households as SUMs (above) 48-h measurements every 3 months
Self-reported health symptoms Surveys All households Baseline,
Cost of illness: direct and indirect costs of treating any reported illnesses Surveys All households Baseline,
Household characteristics Household location, size and demographics, baseline cooking fuel, socioeconomics HDSS All households in district Every 1–2 years
Additional socioeconomic variables Education, occupation of respondent and household heads
Expenditure inventories
Agricultural practices
Surveys All households in study Baseline, Endline
School attendance Number of absences for school children enrolled in study School records All households in study Yearly