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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of factors associated with reported receipt of the seasonal influenza vaccination (within 10 months preceding data collection)

From: Attitudes and barriers associated with seasonal influenza vaccination uptake among public health students; a cross-sectional study

  Odds ratio (95% confidence interval)
Encouraged by parents, relatives, or friends 3.139** (1.447–6.811)
Saw a medical provider within the last 6 months 3.947* (1.308–11.906)
Encouraged by flyers, TV, or billboards 1.188 (.360–3.924)
Encouraged by a medical professional 1.087 (.379–3.114)
Age 1.108 (.954–1.285)
  1. *푝< 0.05, **푝< 0.01, ***푝< 0.001
  2. Model controls for age and other covariates