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Table 1 School cafeteria environment assessment themes and example items

From: Cafeteria assessment for elementary schools (CAFES): development, reliability testing, and predictive validity analysis

Theme Assessment item examples resulting from the literature review Environmental Scale [17]
Availability Available food preparation and storage space Room
Availability & variety of healthier foods (FV, milk) Table/display
Competitive food, beverage, and vending availability Table/display
Packaging of food items Food
Accessibility: layout, display, visibility, and convenience Floor plan layout/circulation Room
Food and beverage arrangement and display Table/display
Lunch tray use Plate
Food preparation (e.g., whole or sliced fresh fruit) Food
Naming and labeling Creativity of food item naming on menus Table/display
Labeling of individual food items Table/display
Advertising/signage Healthy eating promotion / unhealthy item advertising Room
Ambient environment Temperature, odor Room
Crowding and noise Room
Lighting: natural and artificial Room
Appearance/structural condition and quality Room
Clutter, cleanliness, and maintenance Room
Seating arrangement and furniture Table/display