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Table 1 Social capital items included in the analysis

From: Building school-based social capital through ‘We Act - Together for Health’ – a quasi-experimental study

Social capital items Questions1 Cronbach Alpha
 Horizontal social capital The students in my class enjoy being together* 0.716
The students in my class are kind and helpful*
Other students accept me as I am*
 Vertical social capital I feel that my teachers accept me as I am* 0.808
I feel my teachers are interested in me as a person*
I feel a lot of trust in my teachers*
 Sense of belonging in the school I feel I belong at this school* 0.846
Our school is a nice place to be*
I feel safe at this school**
  1. *[strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, strongly disagree]
  2. **[always, most of the time, sometimes, rarely, never]
  3. 1All questions and response categories derive from HBSC International protocols [Personal communication, Rasmussen, 28 May/2018] and has been translated into Danish following the standardised translation guidelines [57]