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Table 1 Organisational and functional attributes for the characterisation of the structural position of stakeholders involved in the inter-sectorial surveillance strategy of antibiotic resistance in Vietnam

From: Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam: moving towards a One Health surveillance system

Attribute Definition Possible value
Category of stakeholder Describes the category the stakeholder belongs to Government authorities, national research institutes, private sector, international partners
Territorial level Describes the geographical level at which the stakeholder works Sub-national, national, supra-national
Supervising authority Describes the institution which has a direct authority over the stakeholder Prime Minister, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Finances, Ministry of industries and trade, Ministry of sciences and technology, provincial people’s committee
Professional sector Describes the sector in which the stakeholder works Animal health, husbandry management, animal feed, human health, food processing and distribution, food safety, plant health, wildlife, fisheries, soil and water, antibiotic production/distribution
Stakeholder’s structural position in the surveillance strategy Describes the role of the stakeholder as defined in official documents framing the surveillance strategy Operating (stakeholder officially tasked with surveillance activities), influencing (stakeholder officially identified as supporting surveillance activities), absent (stakeholder without any assigned role in the surveillance strategy)
Stakeholder’s activity status regarding tasks assigned Describes stakeholder’s engagement in undertaking or supporting surveillance activities Active (stakeholder already engaged), prospective (stakeholder about to be engaged), absent (stakeholder not engaged)
Surveillance component Describes the surveillance component in which the stakeholder undertakes action ABR and or ABU in hospitals, ABR and or ABU in community, ABR and or ABU in food-producing animals, ABR and or ABU in companion animals, ABR and or ABU in plant, ABR and or ABU in wildlife, ABR in soil and water, ABR in food
Surveillance activities Describes at which stage of the surveillance process the stakeholder is involved Surveillance planning, data collection, data reporting, data sharing, data management, data analysis and interpretation, data communication, data dissemination
Collaborations Describes at which stage of the surveillance process collaborations occur Orientation, coordination, planning, data collection, data analysis/interpretation, dissemination, communication
Interacting partner Describes, for each collaboration, with which partner the stakeholder interacts Any of the other institutions identified
Collaboration status Describes the engagement of partners in the collaboration Planned, ongoing
Type of collaboration Describes the type of collaboration in place Technical and financial support, inter-sectoral collaborations
  1. ABR Antibiotic resistance, ABU Antibiotic usage