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Table 4 List of newspaper articles included in sample

From: Suicide portrayal in the Canadian media: examining newspaper coverage of the popular Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’

A01 Harris, B. All the right reasons; With Selena Gomez producing, series was a no-brainer for Katherine Langford. Winnipeg Sun. 2 April 2017.
A02 Schneller, J. Plenty of good reasons why you should watch this gutsy adaptation. Metro News. 2 April 2017.
A03 Ali, L. 13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s newest must-see series. The Daily Gleaner. 4 April 2017.
A04 Weidner, J. Suicide prevention experts worry about danger of show focused on teen’s death. The Record. 24 April 2017.
A05 CBC News. ‘13 Reasons Why’ criticized for messaging on teen suicide. CBC.CA News. 25 April 2017.
A06 CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning. Ottawa Catholic School Board leery of new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 25 April 2017.
A07 Whitehouse, B. Parents beware: Experts worry Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ might glamorize teen suicide. The Hamilton Spectator. 25 April 2017.
A08 Samba, M. Downtown Mission urges public to use Netflix series 13 Reasons Why as way to discuss mental health, suicide. Windsor Star. 25 April 2017.
A09 May, D. Ottawa Catholic School Board warns teachers about 13 Reasons Why. Metro News. 25 April 2017.
A10 Laframboise, K. Talk to teenagers about 13 Reasons Why, urge mental health professionals and parents. CBC.CA News. 26 April 2017.
A11 Toronto Star. 13 Reasons Why called “dangerous” for teens with depression. The Toronto Star. 26 April 2017.
A12 Hank, M. Trouble bonding? Try TV. Edmonton Journal. 27 April 2017.
A13 Warren, M. Ontario Ministry of Education warns boards not to use Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why in classroom. Metro News. 27 April 2017.
A14 Markan, Z. Controversial show 13 Reasons Why resonates with psychologist’s teen clients. CBC.CA News. 28 April 2017.
A15 Bellefontaine, M. Principal orders Edmonton students not to talk about 13 Reasons Why at school. CBC.CA News. 28 April 2017.
A16 Hamilton Spectator. Public school board warns parents about Netflix hit ‘13 Reasons Why’. The Hamilton Spectator. 28 April 2017.
A17 Hamilton Spectator. The Spectator’s View: Reasons to talk about ‘13 Reasons Why’. The Hamilton Spectator. 28 April 2017.
A18 CBC News. Calgary Catholic schools nix Netflix series about teen suicide, 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 28 April 2017.
A19 Okeke, S. ‘Let your kid watch it,’ Quebec teen says of controversial 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 29 April 2017.
A20 Dimoff, A. B.C. schools warn of graphic content in Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’. CBC.CA News. 29 April 2017.
A21 Nathoo, Z. 13 Reasons Why: Is it ‘exposing the truth’ or a ‘primer’ on teen suicide? CBC.CA News. 29 April 2017.
A22 Li, W. Mental health experts emphasize suicide awareness in light of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Metro News. 30 April 2017.
A23 Edwardson, L. ‘It could be a conversation starter’: Calgary school board open to discussing 13 Reasons Why with students. Metro News. 30 April 2017.
A24 Picard, A. Yes, 13 Reasons Why glorifies suicide. You should watch – and talk to your kids. The Globe and Mail. 30 April 2017.
A25 Proceviat, S. Morning Update newsletter: Purdue OKs settlement; Home Capital future uncertain; Oilers lose; Also: Ontario takes chance on basic income; lumber producers take hit. The Globe and Mail. 1 May 2017.
A26 Doyle, J. The fuss over 13 Reasons Why is absurd. The Globe and Mail. 1 May 2017.
A27 Kennedy, M. ‘13 Reasons’ sparks criticism of teen suicide depiction. The Telegram. 2 May 2017.
A28 Hunter, A. Suicide prevention spurs Regina students to action. CBC.CA News. 2 May 2017.
A29 Mahmood, D. RE: “13 Reasons Why” warning. The Hamilton Spectator. 2 May 2017.
A30 Ahsan, S. Netflix adds trigger warnings to 13 Reasons Why after Canadian school board bans series for ‘glamorizing’ suicide. National Post. 2 May 2017.
A31 O’Loughlin, E. Opinion: 13 Reasons Why and suicide prevention. Montreal Gazette. 2 May 2017.
A32 Lalonde, M. Schools concerned Netflix series may trigger or glorify suicide. Montreal Gazette. 2 May 2017.
A33 Devlin, M. 13 Reasons Why’s depiction of suicide sparks notes from capital region schools. Times Colonist. 2 May 2017.
A34 Masonic Temple to reopen as Concert Hall. Toronto Star. 3 May 2017.
A35 Ahsan, S. Netflix adds warnings to 13 Reasons Why. Montreal Gazette. 3 May 2017.
A36 Porter, J. Suicide prevention advocate sees opportunity in buzz around 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 3 May 2017.
A37 Friend, D. ‘13 Reasons Why’ highlights latest challenge for parents in a streaming world. The Hamilton Spectator. 3 May 2017.
A38 Kinsella, S. Don’t work 13 Reasons Why into your lesson plan, NLESD tells teachers. CBC.CA News. 4 May 2017.
A39 Andrews, T. Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ gets more trigger warnings. The Hamilton Spectator. 4 May 2017.
A40 Hill, T. I didn’t enjoy 13 Reasons Why, but the backlash is excessive. The Globe and Mail. 4 May 2017.
A41 Spodek, S. 13 Reasons Why made me feel uncomfortable – and that’s important. The Globe and Mail. 4 May 2017.
A42 Outhit, J. Suicide pranks lands Kitchener students in trouble. The Record. 5 May 2017.
A43 Rubinoff, J. The future is now, and it’s on…cassettes? The Record. 6 May 2017.
A44 Vella, I. A teen’s perspective on 13 Reasons Why. Toronto Star. 8 May 2017.
A45 CBC News. Hamilton crisis line sees spike in youth calls since 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 8 May 2017.
A46 Controversial 13 Reasons Why renewed for a second season. The Daily Gleaner. 2017 May 9.
A47 Come From Away wins key critics’ prize. Toronto Star. 9 May 2017.
A48 Netflix renews 13 Reasons Why. Ottawa Citizen. 9 May 2017.
A49 13 Reasons Why to return on Netflix. Times Colonist. 9 May 2017.
A50 Wilford, D. No Happy Ending; Fictional TV series on teen girl’s suicide is haunting. Calgary Sun. 9 May 2017.
A51 13 Reasons Why Renewed. Winnipeg Sun. 9 May 2017.
A52 13 Reasons Why will return for a second season. National Post. 10 May 2017.
A53 Edwardson, L. Here to help: Mental health resources available in Calgary schools. Metro News. 12 May 2017.
A54 Modjeski, M. Saskatoon school leaders briefed on Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’. Saskatoon StarPhoenix. 16 May 2017.
A55 Sonnylal, M. Fictional series, real-life lessons. Montreal Gazette. 17 May 2017.
A56 Bell, S. Cree Health Board calls for careful viewing of popular drama 13 Reasons Why. CBC.CA News. 18 May 2017.
A57 Hunt, B. Team hopes to shine light on ‘rampant’ mental health issues. The Daily Gleaner. 19 May 2017.
A58 Peipert, T. Tough topics; School district briefly pulls book over suicide theme. Toronto Sun. 19 May 2017.
A59 Ahsan, S. Colorado school district briefly pulls 13 Reasons Why from library shelves after seven recent student suicides. National Post. 19 May 2017.
A60 Shining light on tragic problem. Toronto Sun. 21 May 2017.
A61 Bradley, L. How 13 Reasons Why is creating valuable conversation about suicide. Ottawa Citizen. 22 May 2017.
A62 Kielburger, C & Kielburger, M. 13 Reasons Why sparks conversation; TV, movies can help break mental illness stigma, write Craig and Marc Kielburger. Ottawa Citizen. 23 May 2017.
A63 Amir, E. Series should be required viewing. Montreal Gazette. 25 May 2017.
A64 Fidelman, C. Crisis on campus: Universities struggle with students in distress. Montreal Gazette. 27 May 2017.
A65 Korenblum, M. I’m a psychiatrist. Here’s what’s wrong with 13 Reasons Why. Toronto Star. 29 May 2017.
A66 Direnfeld, G. ‘13 Reasons Why’ opens the door to crucial dialogue with teens. The Hamilton Spectator. 29 May 2017.
A67 Kingston, A. The real taboo in 13 Reasons Why. Maclean’s. 1 June 2017.
A68 Matteis, S. Increase in teen suicidal behaviour linked to 13 Reasons Why, Toronto counsellors say. CBC.CA News. 19 June 2017.
A69 Smith, A. Potent TV drama impacts mental health services. Calgary Herald. 26 June 2017.
A70 Don’t close ears to suicide issue. Times Colonist. 27 June 2017.
A71 Yahr, E. Netflix hits learning curve; Shows still must meet a certain standard, writes Emily Yahr. Edmonton Journal. 28 June 2017.