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Table 1 FitKids social marketing strategy

From: Memphis FitKids: implementing a mobile-friendly web-based application to enhance parents’ participation in improving child health

Marketing Element Definition FitKids Application Examples for FitKids
Product The desired behavior A healthy lifestyle Happy children with healthy lifestyles (eating well, physically active, sufficient sleep, moderate amount of screen time) and low risks for developing metabolic diseases
Price Monetary or nonmonetary cost for obtaining the benefits of the product Relinquish convenient unhealthy habits to receive the benefits of the product Reduce sugary beverages, increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, reduce screen time and sedentary behavior, invest effort and time to become more physically active and do activities with the family
Place The location or distribution channel where the product is offered or the service can be accessed Internet The mobile-friendly FitKids website can be accessed with a variety of devices (phone, tablet, home computer, iPad) and at public access points (FitKids kiosks) in the community
Promotion Strategies and activities designed to increase the awareness about the product or service and to promote the benefits of the product Internet, print media, community events Whiteboard animation, print materials, promotional items, banners, presentations at community events, and Facebook