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Table 7 Combined convergent validity for the two countries (Kenya and Nigeria) by region for the number of active trips to/from different destinations - parent vs. child report

From: Development and convergent validity of new self-administered questionnaires of active transportation in three African countries: Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria

  Urban Peri-urban Rural
N Pearson Correlation N Pearson Correlation N Pearson Correlation
School (Parent) vs School (Child) 628 .678a 718 .320a 640 .654a
Friends (Parent) vs Friends (Child) 614 .559a 697 .545a 618 .833a
Relatives (Parent) vs Relatives (Child) 607 .644a 687 .510a 629 .814a
Park (Parent) vs Park (Child) 610 .577a 695 .459a 613 .882a
Shop (Parent) vs Shop (Child) 619 .615a 699 .383a 627 .847a
Sport (Parent) vs Sport (Child) 601 .526a 682 .483a 619 760a
Faith (Parent) vs Faith (Child) 621 .795a 706 .500a 628 .767a
AT from Destinations
 School (Parent) vs School (Child) 621 .674a 717 .240a 640 .646a
 Friends (Parent) vs Friends (Child) 608 .590a 695 .440a 619 .832a
 Relatives (Parent) vs Relatives (Child) 604 .625a 688 .407a 628 .805a
 Park (Parent) vs Park (Child) 606 .569a 695 .488a 612 .883a
 Shop (Parent) vs Shop (Child) 614 .643a 698 .395a 629 .845a
 Sport (Parent) vs Sport (Child) 595 .560a 682 .410a 620 .762a
 Faith (Parent) vs Faith (Child) 614 .820a 707 .533a 627 .787a
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)