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Table 4 Convergent validity by country and region (Urban) for the number of active trips to/from different destinations - parent vs. child report

From: Development and convergent validity of new self-administered questionnaires of active transportation in three African countries: Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria

  Urban (Kenya) Urban (Nigeria)
N Pearson Correlation (r) N Pearson Correlation (r)
School (Parent) vs School (Child) 376 .772a 252 .594a
Friends (Parent) vs Friends (Child) 375 .452a 239 .783a
Relatives (Parent) vs Relatives (Child) 370 .441a 237 .887a
Park (Parent) vs Park (Child) 373 .488a 237 .779a
Shop (Parent) vs Shop (Child) 376 .593a 243 .691a
Sport (Parent) vs Sport (Child) 367 .445a 234 .803a
Faith (Parent) vs Faith (Child) 374 .460 247 .810a
AT from Destinations
 School (Parent) vs School (Child) 371 .706a 250 .615a
 Friends (Parent) vs Friends (Child) 370 .503a 238 .797a
 Relatives (Parent) vs Relatives (Child) 368 .453a 236 .893a
 Park (Parent) vs Park (Child) 370 .482a 236 .780a
 Shop (Parent) vs Shop (Child) 373 .619a 241 .712a
 Sport (Parent) vs Sport (Child) 362 .488a 233 .825a
 Faith (Parent) vs Faith (Child) 369 .510a 245 .831a
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)