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Table 2 Bennett’s kappa PABAK analysis of challenges/barriers of active transport to school (pooled sample of Kenya and Nigeria) -parent vs. child report

From: Development and convergent validity of new self-administered questionnaires of active transportation in three African countries: Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria

Item n Bennett’s Kappa Strength of Agreement
There are too many hills along the way 2012 0.64 Substantial
There are no suitable walking/running or biking paths 2002 0.39 Fair
The route is boring (nothing interesting to see) 2025 0.43 Moderate
The route does not have good lighting 1997 0.30 Fair
There is too much traffic along the route 2005 0.37 Fair
There are dangerous crossings 1997 0.41 Moderate
My child gets too hot and sweaty 1993 0.37 Fair
No other children walk/run or bike to school 1983 0.48 Moderate
It’s not considered fashionable to walk/run or bike 1088 0.48 Moderate
My child has too many things to carry 1992 0.51 Moderate
It is easier for me to drive my child 1972 0.46 Moderate
It involves too much planning ahead 1964 0.40 Fair
It is unsafe because of crime (strangers, gangs, drugs) 1988 0.36 Fair
My child gets bullied, teased, harassed 1977 0.53 Moderate
There is nowhere to leave a bike safely 1993 0.36 Fair
There are stray dogs or other dangerous animals 1986 0.45 Moderate
It is too far 2000 0.43 Moderate
The route is difficult to walk/run or bike because of garbage, water or bad smells 1997 0.42 Moderate
The route is isolated 1988 0.42 Moderate
My child has a disability 1996 0.77 Substantial