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Table 5 Key organizations that should be involved in building consensus around physical literacy terminology, a common definition and conceptual model from stakeholder consultations

From: Canada’s Physical Literacy Consensus Statement: process and outcome

Key organization / sector Examples
Sport sector Canadian Sport for Life; national, provincial, and municipal sport organizations; Sport Canada; Sport North; Sport Matters; provincial sport and recreation committees
Education sector Ministries of Education; school boards and trustees; teachers’ associations; PHE Canada; Ever Active Schools
Government Ministries of Education; municipal councils; school boards and trustees; school jurisdictions; teachers’ associations; government initiatives (such as Healthy U Alberta); provincial / territorial governments and relevant ministers; federal government
Active living sector Be Fit for Life; ParticipACTION
Health sector Healthcare providers; public health; doctors and physicians; health authorities (e.g., Alberta Health Services); epidemiology
Recreation sector Provincial parks and recreation associations; outdoor groups and councils; recreation personnel associations; Canadian Parks and Recreation Association; provincial sport and recreation committees
Child care / early childhood sector Early childhood educators
Universities / researchers Students; professors; researchers; Alberta Centre for Injury Control Research (ACICR); Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators; APPLE (Alberta Project Promoting Active Living and Healthy Eating) Schools (Alberta)
Non-governmental organizations YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association); Boys and Girls Club; non-profits involved in programming
Unions Local unions
National organizations National organizations (it was felt that the work should happen at this level); should be top-down from national organizations
Business / private sector Publishers; Royal Bank of Canada
Parent groups Alberta School Councils Association; Canadian Parents Association
Collaborative committees / community groups Play groups; non-sport-related community groups
First Nations Tribal councils
New Canadians New Canadians
People with disabilities People with disabilities